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"I am a Berliner", being born in Berlin I grew up in a time where Berlin was divided into East and West. Surrounded by 155 km wall, barbed wire and automatic firing devices. Growing up in this town as contemporary witness of the cold war enables me to tell many stories from this city. The famous speech of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in front of Schöneberg's Town Hall, the journey through "the zone" on the transit routes over to the Federal Republic of Germany,  passing through the  "ghost stations" in Berlin’s underground by U-Bahn in order to get to a different district may be topics of of my talks put together for my clients.


Although Denmark has become my second home, I have maintained a close and permanent contact with Berlin, as I closely observe current events and the development of this fantastic city.


I like to share my knowledge and experiences from Berlin with other people being interested in Germany’s capital. My clients discover Berlin in a different and individual way, where priorities are set according to the clients interest. Most certainly a different experience than the common tourist ride.


"Get to know Berlin just slightly better " - either as a lecture at the customer’s premises, as Berlin guide through the city, or a companion on business travels to trade fairs in Berlin.


These presentations can be held in German, English or Danish or a combination of these languages.    Ulvefodvej 8, st.3, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark     (  +45  26 74 60 96    e-mail: