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Welcome to Lingua-BC


- a company specialized in German language courses, German/ English translations and German culture.


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          German language courses



          Linguistic correction

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Language and culture cannot be separated


It is my goal to disseminate the German language as an interesting and cultural experience. Language and culture are closely related and play a crucial role in international communication and cultural understanding. In my German language courses I care to combine these two sizes to a holistic framework. German culture is an integrated and important part in learning the German language, making it interesting and fun at the same time.  


I like to give talks on my home town Berlin and offer individual guided tours in Berlin for companies and private groups or individuals.


Who are my customers?


Businesses in Denmark and Germany requiring German or English   

   language expertise such as translations, language instruction etc.

Businesses looking for a language or culture guide for their fair / business

   travel to Berlin.

Individuals wanting to experience Berlin in their very own way

   individually arranged tours according to your interests and needs.    Ulvefodvej 8, st. 3, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark      ( +45  26 74 60 96     e-mail: