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Translations / Linguistic Correction / Proofreading


When translating from one language to another complicated structures do occur. Although every word has its individual meaning, it is important to be able to read between the lines, catching the meaning of the text. Professional translation requires a perfect control of the particular language as well as a certain amount of cultural knowledge. For 20 years now, I have worked with the German, English and Danish language and culture. My specialty is technical terminology, but I also translate texts from other areas. For example...


Types of Text


- Reports - contracts

- Presentations

- Brochures and folders

- Business correspondence

- Manuals, product documentation

- User guides, datasheets

- Travel guides

- Children's books, fiction

- Websites etc. 



- Trade 

- Policy management

- Admininstration 

- Technology

- Industry, agriculture 

- Machine and plant  


- Medicine, energy, environmental

- Tourism


I focus on the following language combinations:


  Danish    German

  Danish    English

  German English

  English    German


and to a lesser extent German / English - Danish


Should you require translations into Danish, which are linguistically complex, I like to refer to my equally qualified translator colleagues. I refrain from translations of the financial sector, as well as I do not translate certificates or the like.


Style / Linguistic Correction


Corrrection of already translated texts of less professional quality to texts they are correctly and well formulated. Both German and English texts.  




Proofreading of any text including areas mentioned above.    Ulvefodvej 8, st. 3, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark     (  +45  26 74 60 96    e-mail: