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Why learn German?


As well as in Denmark, do German people learn English at school. Howerver, according to the region, the length of English tuition in German schools vary. For example, not all regions in Germany offer English as first foreign language. In addition there is a low presence of the English language in Germany, where for example all foreign feature films are synchronized. On management level fluency of English can be expected, however, it can look quite different dealing with technicians, sales personnel etc.


In my language classes I focus on the German language and culture, and like to claim that learning German can also be fun.   


I offer German language classes, geared to the individual level of my students. From absolute beginners, intermediate students, exam preparations, business meetings and negotiations etc. The German culture is an integral part of my teachings.


In my language courses I set priorities with


- conversational skills

- pronunciation

- improvement of vocabulary

- correspondence

- business language

- telephone seminars

- grammar

- Online language instruction via Skype

- brushup

- product presentation training


I know from experience that the best results are achieved in lessons for one person alone, or classes with a maximum of 3-4 students. Tuition is primarily carried out at the customerís premises, but can be arrangende at other locations as well.   


Danish businessmen are my target group: management at all levels, professionals in the areas of marketing, sales, engineering, assembly, business travellers etc.    Ulvefodvej 8, st. 3, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark     (  +45  26 74 60 96    e-mail: